Life at times can move so fast that you can easily forget what just happened. When I want to reminisce I look back through pictures, which are great, but pictures don’t capture the whole story. However, when I watch some old home movies and I hear the sound of familiar voices, the expressions we made, the background noises of the old TV commercials, the belly laughs of our once childlike selves, I can relive the past experience in the present!

At Powerhouse, that is what we aim for! To take you back to that special moment, to remember the smells, the sounds, the jitters, the excitement, to RELIVE it all over again!




A Country Wedding With Southern Charm


A Spring Wedding In The South


A Fall Southern Wedding


Finally Home
Baby Jonathan Stephen Hong


With You Right Here, I’m Home


Here Right Now


Wedding Highlight Package

  • 3-5 Minute Wedding Film
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Delivered Via Online or Flash Drive

Wedding Storyline Package

  • 6-10 Minute Wedding Film
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Delivered Via Online Or Flash Drive

Wedding Diamond Package

  • Storyline Package + Full Ceremony
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Delivered Via Online Or Flash Drive

Newborn Celebration Film

  • 2-4 Minute Baby Film
  • Coverage Within 48 Hours After Birth
  • Delivered Via Online Or Flash Drive

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My name is Kyle and I may be a little biased, but I married the most beautiful gal in the land (Michelle). We met in church when we were just youngsters in high school and have been stuck together ever since. We have two little boys, Levi and Noah, that equate the amount of energy of the sun itself, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Being high school sweethearts, we are big fans of love stories and weddings where people get to do what makes the day special and unique for them – whether that includes all the bells and whistles or none at all. 

Having a small family, we love little babies (Come on! Who doesn’t love cute little babies?!) and we love giving them a story to share of their first day in our big world! We also believe, much like Spiderman, that with great power comes great responsibility (aka – we care a lot about making your wedding or newborn film amazingly awesome for you).

When we’re not filming, our little family along with our chihuahua Daisy is enough to keep us busy. However, I work as an IT professional and Michelle is a 3rd grade teacher. We love God and care deeply about individuals as God does. We lead worship at church and travel occasionally to Disney!


As our schedule fills up for the 2020 season, we are excited to work with couples and expectant parents who care deeply about capturing more than just the details of their special day. We are looking for fiancés who aren’t afraid to be themselves, laugh a little, and let us capture the heart of their relationship. We are looking for parents who are filled with excitement, love and passion for their new baby!

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